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Gold is a long concept musical project about Alchemy. Started in 2016, finished in 2020.

Beyond the search for gold, it is also an inner quest, a return to the sources... 

Synastrie (french translation of Synastry) is the astrological  term to determine compatibility and relationship between two or more horoscopes.

Words and music by Philippe Brasseur.

Recorded in 2019-2020 in Home studio. 

Mixing: Philippe Brasseur and Be Plouvier

Mastering: BlueScore studio, Milano

Musical editor: Luminol records, Giacomo Cacciatori


Philippe Brasseur: violin,  guitar player and teacher.

Born in Bruxelles in 1960.

After classical violin studies and work, he played tango nuevo music within the quintet Hora Cero, directed small classic bands and student orchestras in Belgium. He's also luthier, and plays with exclusively own made violins and guitars.

Gold is his second solo project, after No transit for nomads 

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